Fostering saves lives. Period. We are always looking for loving homes who are able to provide our dogs with the love and care they deserve, as well as understand the possible challenges that come with having a new pet in the home. We always try to match our foster families with a compatible dog. Our foster families are invaluable to us - we couldn't do it without them! Our dogs range in age (puppies to seniors), size (miniatures to mastiffs), and energy level.   


Cleo's Karma covers all expenses (food, all medical care, etc.) and also provides the necessities (crates, bedding, toys, leash and collar). You provide the love!

While we can't promise that it will always be easy, we can guarantee it will always be rewarding!

All foster homes are required to have all personal pets spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations and vetting.

Foster homes are expected to:

  • Provide basic training while caring for the dog such as crate/house training.
  • Provide basic care such as: food/water, administering any required medications, safety, affection and attention.
  • Exercise the dog.
  • Socialize the dog with family members, pets, friends, etc.
  • Be prepared to handle challenges such as: accidents in the home, chewing, digging, and any other quirks.

Foster families are NEVER required to pay for any of the supplies associated with caring for the dog.

Foster families dictate the types of dogs they are willing to care for (size, sex, energy level, age, temperament, etc.).  We do our best to ensure successful matches! 

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