----FAQs: Important Policies----

Surrendering a Dog

Adopting a Dog

We have had a lot of questions about how adoptions and surrenders work. Hopefully this helps.  For any specific questions, please contact us at:  cleoskarma@gmail.com


-  Please understand that we have limited space, and emergency intakes take first priority for placement within our rescue. These intakes include strays, dogs seized by the authorities, and dogs experiencing serious medical neglect.

-  When our rescue is at capacity, owner surrenders must have current vaccines at the very minimum.  

-  We exercise the right to refuse surrenders for any reason we deem fit. 

-  Keep in mind that we are a foster-home based rescue.  The amount of effort you have put into socializing your dog with people and other animals will determine if your dog can be placed easily and quickly. Keeping up to date with your dog’s veterinary care will also aid in placing your dog.


-  No dog will be adopted to a home where the current dogs are unsterilized or not up to date on vaccines.  It is important that our dogs to go to homes where all animals receive full medical care.

-  Please understand that not every home is suitable for every dog.  For instance, some dogs require a fenced yard. Some dogs require a home without children, regardless of if the children have dog-experience, or a home without other pets.  This is for the safety of our adopters, and for the safety of our dogs.

-  We exercise the right to refuse adoptions for any reason we deem fit. 

-  Adoption Forms and Contract are required to be completed by all adopters.  

-  For out of town adopters wanting to meet the dogs, an Adoption Application form must be submitted prior to setting up an appointment.  Our time is valuable, as is the time of our potential adopters.

-  We do not “ship” dogs to other locations.  All long-distance adopters must go through the same approval process as local adopters, and must travel here to meet us and the dog(s).

-  Adoption trials are permitted on a case-by-case basis only, and not for dogs under 6 months old.

-  Adoption fees are non-negotiable, and help us make up SOME of the cost of vetting and caring for the dogs. If adopters cannot afford a minimal adoption fee, they cannot afford to provide the essentials for their dog (food, vaccines, etc).  

We will not put a “hold” on a dog for any reason.  In the past, dogs have missed out on forever homes because of adopters backing out.   Adoptions work on a first-approved, first-served basis for each particular dog. However, if you choose not to adopt the dog you are approved for, we will move on to the next person in line.