The Beginning...

Krista & Cleo

It's All in the Name

"Cleo's Karma was named after my dog, Cleo, who was pulled from the shelter, literally, minutes away from being euthanized.

She had been accused of attacking another dog, and her owner never came to get her out of the  shelter.

Cleo was a breeding dog, one of many similar-looking "pit bull" type dogs in her shelter. She had the odds stacked against her.

Luckily, she was pulled from the shelter by a rescuer in time.

She was then sent to a rehab center for behavioral dogs where she was to be assessed.

The rehab center ended up belonging to an animal hoarder.

All of the dogs were seized by authorities and returned to the shelters. Cleo sat in a cage for months after this.

Her story and picture tugged at my heartstrings.

Since adopting her, Cleo has never acted aggressively. She gets along great with the dogs and cats she meets and has been at school presentations and dog training sessions.

I'm glad I didn't judge her, because she is truly a remarkable dog, with a great temperament.

I always say, "Good Karma saved Cleo, because she is such a good dog." By being good, she finally got the life she deserved all along.

Rescuing is also about spreading good karma, doing good things for the right reasons."

             - Krista LaFreniere, President